Friday, March 21, 2008

Traffic jam "lab" experiment...

A group of drivers were all spaced evenly apart on a round track. Each were told to drive 30kph (~20mph). They should all just maintain their distance apart right?

For no apparent reason, the result was a rippling shockwave of traffic jams:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography

I. Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. Public places include parks, sidewalks, malls, etc. Malls? Yeah. Even though it's technically private property, being open to the public makes it public space.


Read the rest here:

Video taken with a Canon 40D?

Using 40D, the software supplied by Canon, and live view this guy figured out how to shoot a video of this snail:

You will need the latest divx codec:


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BMW 5-Series Beats the Toyota Prius in MPG?

"Wait. There must be some mistake. How can an autobahn-inspired performance machine beat one of the most fuel-efficient cars ever made?

It looks like that is exactly what happened on a 545-mile London-Geneva run, when a diesel-powered BMW 5-series posted better MPG stats than a petrol-based Toyota Prius hybrid. The BMW 520d with a 2.0-liter diesel engine and regenerative braking posted an impressive 41.9 mpg - about 0.9 mpg better than a full hybrid Prius. The difference may not seem huge. But given that the Prius weighs about 500 lb less, BMW's fuel economy lead was significant enough to raise new questions about which drivetrain technologies are more environmentally viable and should become the future mainstream of sustainable transport.

According to our partner site Technoride, the 5-series' triumph over Prius can be attributed to "a series of energy-saving features BMW calls EfficientDynamics: battery recharge when braking, good aerodynamics, low rolling resistance, a continuous fuel consumption gauge on the dashboard, and a six-speed manual transmission that is rated as improving fuel economy by about 10%."


Can't believe this shot....

Think the goalie was embarrassed much?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This group of kids host a site where people can post pictures and videos of cool cars "in the wild" (as opposed to in some showroom, or at a car show, etc)

Shot of a GTR:

Here is come car pron for your viewing pleasure :)

Main site:

Italian TV presenter pretends to be Nicolas Cage, gets star treatment...

Basically this guy looks vaguely like Nicolas Cage (I mean come on, he really doesn't) and speaks with a heavy Italian accent. Somehow the prep work he does fools Real Madrid (soccer club) enough to get him the star treatment....even a free Nicolas Cage jersey!



Thursday, March 6, 2008