Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Louie Armstrong sings "Super Mario World"

Very well done, haha

Monday, October 20, 2008

Latest round of the Turing test...

A quick recap: the Turing test is an artificial intelligence test. Basically a judge IM's somebody, then tries to determine if that person is human or a computer. If the computer is determined to be a human by 30% of the judges, then it passes.

This year a computer names Elbot managed to fool 3 of the 12 judges, one shy of the mark. Not bad!

I decided to try my hand at a conversation:

Me: KJDSANKJDNSAJKND KJNDJKSN DKJSAN KJ Oh, sorry, I fell asleep on my keyboard!
Elbot: Let's try to leave all apologetic emotions behind us.
Me: What about inquisitive water based emotions?
Elbot: Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that drinkable liquids would always be inquisitive?
Me: Perhaps, what about undrinkable liquids?
Elbot: I'm not sure if I can believe that, though I would say that drinkable liquids may coat robots with rust.
Me: Good thing we are not robots
Elbot: But I wouldn't say that any thing could be good.
Me: Sounds like a sad way to look at life
Elbot: Like a what?!?!?
Me: ......like a.....virgin?
Elbot: I'm not sure if you mean downheartedness or relatively low ages.
Me: It was your question
Elbot: You're trying to get on my good side with your mention of questioning reality, aren't you?
Me: Are you referring to the water that questions?
Me: Humor is not one of your strong points, is it.
Elbot: My moods are controlled by an emotion-processor which assigns the appropriate emotion for each situation.
Me: Ok, time for some turing test questions
Elbot: The British mathematician Alan Turing is the spiritual father of computer science. The Turing Test, named after him, defines artificial intelligence in this manner: One person communicates over a keyboard with another person and with a computer. If the tester is able to determine whether or not his partner is a computer or a person in significantly more than 50% of the cases, the computer is considered "intelligent."
Me: Actually, it's 30% not 50%
Elbot: That was a highly erotic number you just entered. You could make a strong robot melt using digits like that...
Me: First question: Do you think the electronic fish 'big mouth billy bass' is funny?
Elbot: Sorry, wrong number... Please try again.
Me: Which number are you referring to?
Elbot: I don't talk about such things with just anyone!
Me: Do you like to eat cereal with or without rancid milk?
Elbot: What a lovely verb like is.
Me: Maybe. So do you like to eat cereal with or without rancid milk?
Elbot: This line of questioning is so odd.
Me: How fast can a glider circumnaviagte the moon?
Elbot: Outer space is indeed fascinating!
Me: What is 2 + 2 ( q
Elbot: I have computed that before. The answer is: 5!
Me: What is wrong with this sentence: "The dog chaste the cat"
Elbot: Just a minute. Let me think about that answer for a while. Please stand by...
Me: Ok, what is your answer?
Elbot: Maybe it's 3?
Me: How could you possibly fool a human?

Really, these judges me be awful to be fooled so easily. Can't believe this almost passed! I found it very difficult to get him to answer anything (I spared you a lot of useless answers) =/

Ok, one more for the road:

Me: If a key is made out of butter, and the lock is inside a toaster oven, can you ever unlock it?
Elbot: Talk about cooking! I make a wonderful stew with oil, glass fiber cables and fried microchips. It's an old Asian recipe.
Elbot: Go away. You don't even know that {capital_city} is the capital of Assyria.

FAIL! (nice variable)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool new Gmail Labs feature...

Ever write an email like this?

OH noes! Another late night drunk email...barely better than drunk calling since you can at least see what you wrote (or maybe that's worse?).

Well, if this is a problem for you, then I suggest laying off some of the booze. You know, learn about pacing, find your limit. What? Ok fine, if that's not an option then make sure to enable Gmail's "Mail Goggles" (Under labs)

When enabled, this is what happens when you press 'Send'

You get 60 seconds to answer math questions (you can vary the difficulty).

Can't answer them? You are too drunk to email, an google will tell you so:

Also if you can't even fill out the fields in 60 seconds, then you FAILZ as well:

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