Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby chaos - time lapse of baby making a mess...

His pattern closely resembles the algorithm a roomba follows =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Batman get's pwned

"Throw the batterang DAMMIT"!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick tip: better ebay search strings...

Just a quick tip on how to help you navigate the crap on ebay.

Build up a single search string by using ebay's paran...parenthe...parenthesis? Parenthesis =) And separate each item with a comma.

For instance, say you are looking for new headlights for your Infiniti car.

The search string "2008 2009 infiniti head light" might miss out on certain results.

First, you want either 2008 OR 2009, not both:
"(2008,2009) infiniti head light"

They could be typing the years differently:
"(08,09,2008,2009) infiniti head light"

They could have made the common misspelling of the car name:
"(08,09,2008,2009) (infiniti,infinity) head light" (alternatively, you could use infinit*)

And head light could be spelled several ways:
"(08,09,2008,2009) (infiniti,infinity) (head light,head lights,head lamp,head lamps,headlamp,headlamps,headlight,headlights)"

Say you don't want all these crappy tinted ones, and you don't want blue ones...use the minus key:
"(08,09,2008,2009) (infiniti,infinity) (head light,head lights,head lamp,head lamps,headlamp,headlamps,headlight,headlights) -(smoked,smoke,tint,tinted,film) -(blue,neon)"

This particular example took us from 7 search results that didn't find what we want, to 90 search results...and those 90 were mostly what we wanted.

These search strings are also particularly useful for those emailed results. Saves you time having to sift through all that, um, "stuff".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bird strike on passenger plane with engine flame out...

How bad is losing one engine due to a bird strike?

Large bird gets sucked into this planes starboard engine causing a flameout (and loss of engine). It happens right at takeoff, yet does not impact the planes ability to continue climbing. Obviously losing both is a different story, but still interesting to see how losing one affects (or doesn't) the plane.

What is the best way to sell snow tires?

How about strapping them onto an insanely fast car, and doing laps on the most dangerous race course on the planet (trust me, I know personally how scary it is)......

Oh, did I mention that race track was covered in snow?


Ok....well...I did used to have Blizzak LM-22's and well, I didn't really like them all that much. *cough*Dunlop Winter Sport 3D's ftw*cough*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't you hate how crowded the subway is at rush hour?

Well, too bad! If you aren't in Japan, you can't complain about anything.

This is seriously insane:

The pure fact that they have employees who will SHOVE you into the train, and tuck your coat in (because every millimeter counts) is crazy. Clearly they are all used to this.

I suppose I do have to admit it is amazing how many people they can fit into an already "full" train

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do we all live in a holographic world?

Researchers think they may have discovered evidence we have. I'm still wrapping my (holographic?) head around this one, but it's an interesting read either way